Who we are

Founder – Robert Boogaard
A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience running businesses & startups. Now partner in a private investment fund, social entrepreneur, active philanthropist and passionate promoter of effective giving. Also co-founder and driving force behind Effective Giving.


Chairman – Peter Groenen

Property investor and venture capitalist with significant experience investing in and building successful companies. A philanthropist for many years, not only by giving money, but also sharing knowledge, time and network.


Frits Petit
Treasurer – Frits Petit
Chartered accountant, after 12 years at Coopers&Lybrand and Nederlandsche Bank, since 2001 independent accountant and fiscal advisor, handeling financial maters for entrepreneurs and individuals. Inspired to help lift ‘giving’ to a more professional standard.


Annet van den Hoek
Secretary – Annet van den Hoek
10 years in development projects in Indonesia, Pakistan and Kenia. Wrote a PhD-thesis on a strategy for planning development programmes. She runs her consultancy firm, advising social businesses and is programme manager at the Ineke Feitz Foundation.