Maximising the impact of philanthropy

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What we do

“Jazi” is the Swahili word for “Give”


Jazi Foundation has two core activities:


1. Fund philanthropic field-building

We primarily fund, support and stimulate initiatives that aim to make philanthropy more impactful and accountable, create awareness about the importance of effectiveness and develop/share the required knowledge.

Field building is highly important, funding in this area is a neglected priority, and there are now a number of tractable initiatives that can make a real difference to how philanthropy is carried out. We therefore see this as a unique opportunity to leverage our limited resources and maximise our additionality.

We are proud to be a founding funder of the following initiatives:

Effective Giving supports major philanthropists who are committed to maximising the impact of their grants. It does this, pro-bono, by connecting them with knowledge, a network of passionate like-minded donors, top quality experts and researchers, and information about the most impactful grant-making opportunities. >>

Effective Altruism Netherlands is a nonprofit organisation whose mission is to encourage and enable people and organisations to do as much good as possible. >>



2. Support highly effective NGOs

With a small part of our budget we fund the most effective NGOs and interventions, focusing on solving the world’s most pressing problems.

To maximise the expected value of these grants, we base ourselves in as much as possible on existing evidence, or well substantiated expectations of effectiveness. We fund activities that are often neglected by other donors, because they are not tangible, and we are not afraid to take risks.

By proactively making grants to NGOs, and being willing to make mistakes, we aim to learn not only from theory, but also from applied practice, how it is possible to maximise impact.