What we do

“Jazi” is the Swahili word for “Give”


Jazi Foundation has two core activities:


1. Philanthropic field-building

Giving effectively is essential to maximise the impact of your grants. Unfortunately, there is still very limited knowledge about effective philanthropy.

Jazi Foundation therefore funds, supports and stimulates initiatives that aim to make philanthropy more effective, by creating awareness about the importance of effectiveness, and developing/sharing knowledge on the subject.

The reason we choose to focus on this area is because there are very few funds available in this space. By trying to contribute to the improvement of the philanthropic ecosystem we aim to leverage our limited resources and maximise our additionality.


We are proud to be a founding funder of the following initiatives:

  • Effective Giving is a small group of philanthropists and impact investors learning how to apply our unique resources to maximise our contribution to a better world. >>
  • Effective Altruism Netherlands is a charitable organisation which mission is to encourage and enable people and organisations to do as much good as possible. >>



2. Supporting high-impact NGOs

We aim to learn by doing. Our focus is on the world’s toughest problems.

Jazi Foundation strives to seek out, fund and support the ‘best in class’ NGOs and interventions. To do so, we base ourselves in as much as possible on existing evidence, or well substantiated and strong expectations, of effectiveness.

Our goal is to help these NGOs to operate from their strengths. We provide non-restricted operational funding (we don’t support projects), because we believe NGOs know better than us what they really need the resources for. In practice this means we often fund activities that are neglected by other donors because they are not ‘sexy’ or tangible to them. In addition, we are not afraid to take risks.

Jazi Foundation proactively selects NGOs that meet our very specific criteria. Unfortunately, this does mean that we rarely engage with nor accept unsolicited grant applications.

By actively making grants to NGOs ourselves, and being willing to make mistakes, we aim to learn continuously, not only from theory but also from practice, how to do good better.