General information
Name: Stichting Jazi (Jazi Foundation)
Founded: 21/09/2012
KvK: 56084161 (uittreksel)
RSIN-number: 851970011
ANBI (charitable) status: since 02/2013 (Belastingdienst)
Bank account: NL87 ABNA 0501914242

Contact details
Address: Industrieweg 14K, 1231 KH Loosdrecht
Telephone number: 035 678 0905

Board / directors
Chairman: Peter Cornelius Groenen
Treasurer: Edmond Hilhorst
Secretary: Annet van den Hoek
Director: Robert van den Boogaard
Remuneration: neither the board nor the director receive any financial remuneration

Official activities
Building the philanthropic ecosystem, promoting philanthropy, mediating between donors and NGOs, guiding NGOs, fundraising

Additional information
Policy plan: click here
ANBI information form:click here