Maximising the impact of philanthropy

Maximising the impact of philanthropy2019-08-19T19:54:56+02:00

Jazi Foundation is dedicated to maximising the impact of philanthropy. We do this by supporting initiatives which help to make philanthropy more effective.

We believe philanthropy can only be truly effective when philanthropists take responsibility for the impact their grants achieve and work in partnership with highly effective NGOs to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

However, giving effectively is not easy. Although there is now knowledge available, awareness of effectiveness remains limited. This is the reason why we’ve made our mission: maximising the impact of philanthropy.

We strive to achieve this in two ways:

1. Fund philanthropic field-building: we primarily fund, support and stimulate initiatives that aim to make philanthropy more effective, create awareness about the importance of effectiveness and develop/share the required knowledge. These include Effective Giving and Effective Altruism.

2. Support highly effective NGOs: with a limited part of our budget we fund some of the most effective NGOs and interventions focusing on solving the world’s most pressing problems, such as EA Funds and GiveWell top charities.

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