Jazi foundation is dedicated to maximising the impact of philanthropy. We do this by supporting initiatives that help to make philanthropy more effective.


Jazi Foundation was founded with a challenging mission: maximising the impact of philanthropy.


We strive to achieve this in two ways:

    • Philanthropic field-building: funding and stimulating initiatives that create more awareness and develop/share knowledge on effective giving (for example: Effective Giving).
    • Supporting high-impact NGOs: seeking out the most effective non-profit organisations and interventions, supporting them (with grants and knowledge) and, in doing so, continuously learning how to do this better.


We believe in a new philanthropy, where foundations and philanthropists work in partnership with NGOs and take responsibility for the impact their grants achieve >>.


A member of:  Effective Giving  |  FIN (Vereniging van Vermogensfondsen)  |  EVPA