Jazi Foundation is dedicated to (substantially) increasing the impact of philanthropy. We do this by funding and supporting initiatives that strive to make philanthropy as effective as possible.

We believe philanthropy can only reach its true potential when philanthropists take responsibility for the impact of their grants, prioritizing their resources in an impartial way and using careful reasoning, and evidence if available, to find and fund the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Giving effectively is not easy. That is why we focus on funding philanthropic field-building, supporting initiatives that develop critical thinking, share knowledge on high-impact philanthropy and drive significantly more impactful action.

Who we are

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Industrieweg 14K
1231 KH Loosdrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: (31) 035-678 0905
Email: mail@jazifoundation.org

Nonprofit organizations please note: We proactively select organizations to support, which fit with our goals and meet our very specific criteria. We, therefore, do not accept any unsolicited requests for funding, and any requests received will unfortunately not be answered. Thank you for understanding.

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